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mission & vision

Our goal is to better the wellbeing of every individual we work with by remaining objective, positive, and focused on an end result.

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Evexía is adding more members to the team!


We offer confidential therapy for individuals, couples, and families.  We deal with issues ranging from addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, to creative blocks and relationship difficulties.


We offer consulting for companies, including; treatment centers, law firms, marketing firms, and many other businesses.


Erica Basso, AMFT
Erica specializes in emotionally focused therapy.

Creating change has always been the basis for Evexía. Whether it be by working in a therapeutic setting or sitting down with an entrepreneur looking to build or better their business, Evexía is there every step of the way.

Andrea Vander Hyde, AMFT

Andrea brings mindfulness and somatic awareness to her sessions.


Chris Abounayan, AMFT
Chris offers a collaborative and solution focused approach.