Conceptualizing & Creation of Treatment Centers

Evexía works closely with you to create your brand, your model, and your program.  We systematically assist you as you apply for licensing, build your daily program, hire your staff, and create your policies and procedures.  We work with individuals and groups who have no experience in the field as well as those who are looking to rebrand and create a new identity.  Reach out today!

The Joint Commission

Have you decided that your company is ready to apply for Joint Commission's seal of approval?  Evexía has worked with treatment centers for years, helping them create the necessary policies and procedures The Joint Commission looks for.  We will walk you through all the steps to ensure that when The Joint Commission comes out for their initial survey, you are in compliance and ready to go.  Contact us now to learn more about our Joint Commission services.

Clinical Supervision

Evexía works with several Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists as well as Licensed Clinical Social Workers to help you save costs with your employees.  We also provide outside supervision for individuals working at facilities that do not provide supervision.  Inquire now! 

Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychology aims to increase an organization’s well-being and, consequently, its effectiveness and productivity.  Evexía works directly with management and employees to help improve dialogue, communication, relationships, and employee behavior.  We work with human resources to develop a hiring practice that allows for more qualified employees.  We are here to help you find the solutions.

Evexia has years of experience consulting in:

Counseling & Consulting​